How I Discovered The REAL Secret to "Creating Your Own Reality"...

and how you can use this hidden knowledge to gain
an unfair advantage over everyone you know -
starting today!

From: Mark Ivar Myhre
Author, "How To Create Your Own Reality"

There's no way I could've figured it out on my own. This secret information is just too powerful. It makes the Law of Attraction look like a kindergarten class.

And now you can know everything I know about what it really takes to get what you want - no matter what it is - in record time.

Here's how it all started:

It was a beautiful spring day in downtown Salem, Massachusetts.

I was wandering aimlessly down a cobbled sidestreet when a store up ahead caught my attention.

I knew there was something for me there - something I needed to know.

I still remember seeing my reflection as I peered through the large plate glass window that revealed no customers, not even a store clerk.

The store was empty.

I wanted to walk away but something wouldn't let me. "What the heck," I thought. "I'm already here. May as well go in."

Upon entering the store, imagine my surprise to find FIFTEEN PEOPLE seated in the room! Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me.

I want you to know, I pride myself on always being aware of my surroundings. Always. When I looked through that window, there was nobody in the room. I would have bet my life on it.

You see, the only reason I did look through the window was to make sure there weren't any people in there, because I really didn't want to be around anybody. I was just too depressed because of all my problems.

If I'd seen all those people, there's no way I would have gone inside. I don't care how strong an urge I had, because I had an even stronger urge to be left alone.

Normally, I would have panicked in a situation like this. I know I looked through the plate glass window out front. I know I didn't see anybody inside the store.

And yet, the fear and shyness I expected was replaced by a strange sort of calm I'd never known before. It's like I was in some kind of 'groove'. I felt safe and protected and very powerful.

I knew I was on to something big.

As I noticed the leader, he welcomed me in and told me I was just in time for their little talk. On how to 'create your own reality'.

Not much happened during the meeting.

After it ended, I cornered the leader and persuaded him to meet me privately later on. I knew he was holding back. I guess he sensed the desperation in my voice, since he agreed to teach me what he didn't talk about earlier.

I spent many hours over the next few days talking to this one who knew so much about life and living and how to get what you want. I followed him around like a puppy. Soaking up everything I could. I was amazed by his patience and the depth of his knowledge. This was no ordinary man.

When I eventually left, I had dozens of pages of notes on exactly what I needed to do to turn my life around IMMEDIATELY.

I don't mind telling you, I cried for hours the night after I left that first meeting. Such an enormous burden had lifted from me. After a lifetime of pain and emptiness, I had found the answer! At last I knew the secrets to creating my own reality and ending my own pain.

The REAL secrets - not a bunch of vague mumbo-jumbo with no practical application.

That was in May of 1996.


The First Time I Applied These Secrets...

...they worked so well it scared me half to death! It would be months before I dared to use them again.

After regaining my courage, one of the first things I did was to heal myself of crippling headaches. Seemed like a MIRACLE when they ended.

Secondly, I turned these secrets loose on my lack of happiness. What a change! I could practically SEE the cloud of misery lifting almost instantly.

The next thing I did was to manifest $4852.00 in a week. When I was flat broke at the time. (I was aiming for five thousand. Oh well!)

Since then, I have been quietly putting these secrets to use in every area of my life. I have been constantly practicing and refining and working with these secrets to make my life better and better.


You've Already Tried The Path Of Struggle And Hardship - Now Give The EASY WAY A Chance

Most likely you've spent a lot of time trying to force change in your life. But what usually happens?

The more you fight, the more you try to force change - the stronger those problems become. It's like you feed a problem by fighting it and trying to make it go away!

Look at what aggravates you the most right now. How much of your time do you focus on it? How much energy are you giving it? How much attention?

What if you changed your focus... like these people?


thank you Mark

I just finished reading the reality creation book and I love it. I had debated on buying this book 4 days before I actually did.

I am very glad I ordered it and very glad God lead me to it. thx for writing it.

...the information is sooooo good.

Connie Starks,


Hello Mark,

I really love your book. I really love the part about how you mention what to focus on, and why.

You have a great sense of humor and I love that you approach your subjects in that way.

Katie Allison

Thousand Oaks, CA

If giving attention to a problem ended it - nobody would have any problems! Think about it. Almost everyone obsesses about their problems. But it's like running on a treadmill that never gets you anywhere.

I'm not saying ignore your problems. Denial won't help either. What I am saying - it's time to step back and get a higher perspective. Try a new way.

It's like being stuck in a maze. Once you rise above it, you can easily see the way out.

That's what my program is all about. It gives you the TOOLS YOU NEED to clearly see your problems and then SHOWS YOU the obvious solution to ending them.


It leverages what you already know.


Hi Mark,

I wanted to send you a quick note just to say many thanks for your e-book... it's touched me in many ways.

...reading it I was gripped with anticipation to see what was coming next.

It refreshed what at certain times I've already suspected.

It makes every-day issues easy to understand. It's really opened my eyes to how things really are and how easy it is to change them.

Thank you again for the e-book!! It's great!!!! I love the analogies in it!

I do feel that I'm destined for greater things.


Plymouth, England

You've Already Done The Hard Work

My program takes your life experiences - your knowledge, your 'hard knocks', your ups and downs, in fact, all you've learned up till now, and makes them come alive. All the lessons you've learned, the pearls of wisdom you've uncovered, all the books you've read, the courses you've taken - now they'll all make sense.

It combines all the work you've done up till now and catapults you forward.

It makes all your hardships and struggles pay off.

In fact, it makes everything you've gone through worth it.

It's like you've been groping around in the dark and my program flips the switch and brightens your life. All of a sudden you can SEE exactly what's been stopping you up till now.


Hi Mark,

I struggled for years watching my value slip away but through your ebook I've found a way to rebuild myself and be the best I can be for my family... Thank You!!

You've helped me not only cope but be proactive in my life and more than simply a victim.

Thank you for everything you are doing. It's making a difference in my life and helping me with what I need for the children.

Tammy Porter

Springfield MO


Why You're SO CLOSE To Getting What You Want

You haven't lived your life in a vacuum; shut off from the world.

You've been actively engaging your reality with your ups and downs. Sometimes things go your way; other times they don't.

You've experienced failure. But you've also experienced success. So often we remember the failures - building them up - while we deny and discount the many times we've succeeded.

But you have known success.

You've learned and stretched and grown. You've dared to love; and you've been crushed by that love. And you've dared to love again. Through it all you've gathered a lifetime of experience.

You know a lot about life.

Your life experience holds VALUE. It may be the most valuable thing you own. Now it's time to make it all pay off for you.


When you add the secrets of reality creation to
YOUR life experiences, you create a MAGICAL FORCE.
And nothing has to ever be the same again.


You probably know much more than you give yourself credit for. You can leverage that knowledge starting today, so that a slight shift in your current patterns will produce a MASSIVE change in your reality.

So often we think we're on the wrong track - going the wrong way in life - when really we're on a parallel track. That's why you can so often SEE what you want even if it seems you can't HAVE it. Because you're so much closer than you think!


Hi Mark,

As an art teacher, I always try to put on a good strong front for those around me, but my negative thoughts began to slowly form a person I did not want to be.

Late one particularly tough night, I did an online search and found your words and ordered your E-book,"Create Your Own Reality".

Within the first few pages I found the path; and a new direction.

What I appreciated most was the basic steps to make it all work.

As if you were taking my hand and being my personal mentor. That's an amazing gift!

I can be whatever I want to be. I love that!

Victoria Perwinkle


It's time to see life from a higher perspective.

You didn't come to this page by chance, or coincidence. It's time to STOP thinking your life is a series of random events and unfortunate circumstances.

Because it's not.

Everything you've ever experienced in life has led you to this point in time - right now as you read these words.

There is a 'greater good' - a higher purpose. You did not come into this life to suffer.


I was always feeling apprehensive - with no freedom or joy.

Nothing seemed to help because I did not know how to get a grip on what I was feeling.

I came across your ebook through my search on the internet for something to help me.

Now I am learning how to process my thoughts and feelings... Now I have a starting point for my inner journey - thanks to your wonderful ebook!

Thank you

Amanda Evans



Here's one unsolicited email I received just the other day -


Hello Mark,

Here are only some of the reasons why your publication is remarkable:

The cost is extremely reasonable for what you get.

It is practical.

It is straight forward but not too simple.

It works.

The meditations bypass the conscious, conceptual mind and handle the pesky resistance we all have.

It is a unique perspective.

You understand the process of emotional healing intimately.

I have read hundreds of books and bought dozens and dozens of self help products. Your product is immediately helpful, especially with releasing unresourceful emotions.

Right from page 1, you get it and you offer helpful, simple tools.

It is what so many of us are looking for.

Thank you so much for this excellent product, I cannot wait to continue with these brilliant meditations.

How else can I say thank you for helping me get my life back? I am very grateful for your site and product.

I would say to someone considering the purchase - If you've come to this page, you're ready to release what's holding you back.

Helen DN Toronto, Canada

It still blows my mind nobody knows these secrets.

You won't find an information package like this anywhere else. No college courses cover it.... No bookstore sells it.... No motivational speakers shout about it....

(And you'll understand why after you read what's in this program!)

As for the handful of others scattered around the globe who already know the secrets of reality creation, you'll never find a warmer, friendlier group of people. And yet, they don't talk about it much with outsiders.

I may be the first person to ever write down the true ANSWER to the frustration and confusion of not knowing how to get what you want.

With these secrets in place, I knew I could do anything I wanted in my life. I chose the path of helping others with emotional healing. Why? Because I realized nothing is more important than feeling good and being happy.

Now people call me an expert at coming up with emotional healing techniques.

What's your dream? What will you do with your life - now that you're on the verge of creating exactly what you want in your life?


Are You Up For The Challenge?

Once you apply these secrets, you feel a natural tendency to want to help others. Maybe because your own life becomes so much easier.

Once you're in control of your own destiny, then you start looking at the bigger picture. Like why you really came to this earth; what kind of contribution you want to make and what kind of legacy you wish to leave.

You'll need to start thinking about those types of questions.

But first you've got to learn and apply these secrets!

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine things actually getting better. Oh sure, we can wish. We can dream and hope and think nice thoughts. But that doesn't cut it, does it?

We still end up feeling stuck. We come to believe our life will never change. And that's a shame. Because it can be so easy to turn your life completely around; or partially around; or any amount around. Whatever it takes to get on track to the life you want.

It's easy to think we can't change simply because we've been off track for so long.

We think we've built up so much momentum going down the wrong track - like a locomotive - that surely it will take a miracle to turn it around.

Well, it won't.

The sad fact is, you're probably so close to ending your problems right now and you don't even know it.



I am a private person so I would not normally feel comfortable telling my story to the world. But I have to tell you how your book helped me.

I had a very very bad work situation. This went on for more than 2 years. Even after I tried various things. I became very serious and determined to have my life change.

One time I just typed in the words "I create my own reality". Your web site came up. I liked what I read and ordered your e-book.

I work in a very overcrowded field, but within 48 hours after I worked with your meditations I had a good job offer.

I was able to break the destructive pattern I was in and your e-book and meditations definitely helped.

I continue to use them.

Ann Kelly

Santa Monica CA

It's Time To Dust Off Your Dreams
And Renew Their Splendor

Gain Control Over Your Life. Find the power to DEMAND - and then to RECEIVE - what you want. So easy you'll feel like you're cheating.

Attract New Friends, New Respect, New Love. Like a giant magnet. Others will be begging to know your secret.

Develop A Will Of Iron. That won't take 'no' for an answer.

Enjoy A Towering Self Confidence. You'll have to fight to keep that smug grin off your face.

Get What You Want Without Having To Work Longer And Harder. Create a brand new life if you choose.

Smooth The Friction between coworkers, family and friends.

Find The Easy Way Out Of Your Problems. Makes life easier than you deserve - but I'll bet you won't mind.

Makes You Wiser - More Perceptive. Gives you an unfair advantage to reading people. Never be a victim again. And all the games other people play will now become so obvious to you. You won't be fooled anymore.

Create INSTANT Relaxation. Melt the stress away so fast you'll wonder what happened.

And Much More!




Here's What You Get When You Order The Complete Program On "How To Create Your Own Reality"

Part One - Your Six Raw Materials Of Reality Creation.

Your life is made up of six raw materials. They're the building blocks of your life. The most passive raw material - your beliefs. The most active - your choices.

You've got four others in between.

Together they make up everything you see and hear and feel and taste and smell.

Want to know what you believe?

Just look around you right now. I mean it! Look at the room you're in as you read these words. It's a product of your six raw materials.

Your life is giving you constant feedback. It's always letting you know what your raw materials are. Sometimes with a whisper. Other times with a shout.

If you're not working with these basic building blocks, life can be a scary place indeed.

Everything you perceive is a product of these six raw materials.

You must learn how to work with these raw materials if you want to change ANYTHING in your life.

You need your raw materials to be crisp, clean and clear. I show you exactly how. It's all spelled out in the program. What your six raw materials are. How they interact. How to work with them to change anything you want.

And that's just for starters.


Part Two - Your Three Tools Of Reality Creation.

Just as you have raw materials, so you also have three tools to move those raw materials around. Everybody uses these three tools. Nobody has access to any more, or any less, than these three tools.

Imagination is one tool.

You NEED imagination. You couldn't live without it. It's essential for life.

It can be strengthened and sharpened - beefed up - to help you create what you want quicker and easier than before.

There are two other tools as well that you're using every day. You need these tools. You need them to be strong and powerful. But if you're not consciously working with them; if you don't even know what they are - how can you expect things to get better?

Over time, they can become dull... blunt.... flat.

Inattention reduces their effectiveness.

I show you how to hone them to a fine edge. You'll learn exactly how to make all three tools razor-sharp - so it automatically takes less effort to get more done.


Part Three - Your Generating Energies.

Want to start a new project, a new diet, a new resolution; a new ANYthing?

Here's how you do it! This section of the program covers the five energies - generating energies - that it takes to initiate something new in your life. No matter what it is.

Discover the five most important energies it takes to generate any new project or plan, in fact, to initiate ANY action in your life.

You already know that it takes MORE energy to put something into action, than it does to keep it in action. Because you must overcome inertia. That's why it's so vitally important you know what these energies are, and exactly how to work with them.

Get the muscle you NEED to begin anew. Make a fresh start today when you apply these energies into your life.

These energies generate your reality. Learn what they are and why they may be feeble now. Then beef them up with brawn, backbone and vitality.

You'll never be the same again!


Part Four - Your Sustaining Energies.

Like the generating energies - these sustaining energies are dynamic and alive. Living, breathing energies that can become your ALLIES.

So much of your success depends on knowing and working with these energies that sustain what you want.

Ever start something new - like a diet or exercise program - and watched as it slowly (or quickly!) faded away?

Remember how frustrating it was as you lost the energy... the steam.... to keep it going?

Remember how you beat yourself up because you couldn't sustain it?

It can all be different now.

These five energies will sustain any project you've begun. They breathe LIFE into your project so it keeps going like a virtual perpetual motion machine.

Without these energies, you have almost NO chance of success.

Stop diluting and sabotaging your efforts. Now find the fortitude, the stamina, the tenacity, and let these energies provide the oomph you need to keep your success going and going and going.


Part Five - Powerful Programming Techniques.

Now we're to the 'sexy' part! You'll want to jump ahead and start here, but please don't. As fun and exciting as these powerful programming techniques are, it's important you first lay the foundation by reading and applying all the information available to you in the earlier sections of the program.

Once you begin working with the 'stuff' of reality creation in the first four parts, you'll find life automatically becomes easier and easier.

But everything up till now is like preparing the ingredients - and here's where you actually put the pie into the oven and watch it bake. Here's where you get to smell that pie cooking.

All your efforts pay off. Now you get to see and hear and smell the results. It's the culmination of all you've done before.

Now, you'll learn exactly how to 'program' what you want. No guessing, no theory, it's all spelled out in black and white. Now it finally happens.

No more wondering if you're doing it right or not - you'll know!

You can stand on a pinnacle - achieve your goals - and then reach for more.


Order NOW And Receive These FREE Audio Files - Available Instantly By Streaming Or Downloading


FREE BONUS #1. How To Instantly Change ANY Belief You Want.

Your beliefs determine how much money you'll ever have; how much happiness you'll ever feel; how much success you'll ever achieve.

Beliefs determine the QUANTITY of your success. They're building blocks - a raw material you use every second of every day. A significant part of what you see in your life is a direct result of the beliefs you hold.

That's why so many people tell you to change your beliefs. (Cause it's the Easy Way to success!) Problem is, nobody ever tells you HOW. Until today.

Everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - that you believe is sitting right now in your BOOK OF BELIEF.

This audio file will take you straight to that Book. Then you can change any belief you want that's holding you back.

Most beliefs were programmed into you before the age of five. All other beliefs must conform to those first ones. The direction of your life was largely determined by the time you started grade school.

It's like you 'paved the roads' leading to what you can be, do, and have, at a very early age - long before you could decide if those were really the directions you wanted to go in.

That should scare you.

Maybe you were lucky enough to have perfectly loving parents who programmed you with perfectly loving beliefs. But the rest of us have work to do!

And it starts with this exciting FREE bonus.

If you want to finally know how to change any limiting belief - quickly and easily - this bonus is for you! Easily worth the entire cost of this program - yours free for ordering now.


FREE BONUS #2. Use "The Change-Maker Technique" To Get Serious About Achieving Your Dreams.

If you've ever wondered exactly what you're supposed to do to create your own reality - then this FREE bonus is for you!

Introducing "The Change-Maker Technique".

While beliefs are passive and hidden, like the rudder of a ship - "The Change-Maker" is dynamic, active and alive.

What do you want? Less problems? An easier life? Better friends? Well-behaved kids? A new car? A new mate? More money so you can help others less fortunate?

Just plug it into "The Change-Maker" and stand back!

You decide what you want - "The Change-Maker" brings it alive and makes it happen.

It doesn't matter what you want. Doesn't matter how long you've wanted it. Nothing is too big (or too small!). If you want it - that's good enough.

If you're sick of other programs that promise to show you how to get what you want - but don't deliver - then you'll LOVE this valuable FREE bonus I can't wait to send you.

A powerful technique you'll listen to over and over.


Let's Wrap This Up So You Can Get Started

If you're still reading, then this is obviously for you.

The only question that remains - "How much is it and how do I get my hands on it?"

First, how do you get it?

Everything you need to know is written down in one easy-to-use program. It's like a fill-in-the-blank solution.

I've packaged the entire program into one e-book - "How To Create Your Own Reality". With an e-book you have instant access to all the life-changing information. There are no printing costs or shipping delays. Just minutes from now you can begin putting the secret system to work for you.

Plus, I've added the two priceless audio files as a bonus for ordering now. Each one could easily sell for more than the entire cost of the program. They're available as an instant download so you can save them to your computer or record them on your blank CD. Or, simply listen to them from the Internet as a 'streaming' file.

I ended up investing over two thousand dollars to learn all the in's and out's of these amazing secrets.

After I'd already searched for decades just to find this information.

And over the last ten years, I've invested hundreds of hours in practicing, testing and refining these techniques. Until recently, I never even thought about revealing these secrets to anybody else.

My life has changed in ways I could not even have imagined a decade ago. The problems and frustrations that used to haunt me are practically nonexistent now. Just the peace of mind alone is worth the several thousand dollars I invested.

But I've got to make my program as affordable as possible. That's why it's only $29.00.


I've read a lot of self improvement books. The more I read, the more I felt lost and confused.

One day as I was reading your book, I suddenly said to myself "Now I know where I am, where I wish to be, and I KNOW I can achieve it!"

This is more than an e-book. It's an empowering working manual for driving through life.

It's so packed with wisdom, tools and techniques that some smart marketer will make a $997 program out of it and I believe it will be worth every penny of that price.

Read it!

Boris Vereshnsky

London, UK

At this low price, you're probably not expecting much. If you're like me, you've learned the hard way that exceptional value on the Internet is hard to come by.

I've bought quite a few products online in the last few years, and almost every single one was a disappointment. I was determined not to let that happen to you. I've personally spent hundreds of dollars on products that don't even begin to cover the practical, immediately-useful information you're about to discover.

If you're serious about changing your life, now is the time to do it. Don't let the low price fool you.

To me, these secrets represent my 'Lifetime Achievement Award'. You can steal them from me for almost nothing.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for this ebook.

It's the first self development course that honestly delivers results.

The page and a half about choices is worth the entire cost of the book.

This work is powerful and sincere - without false claims of instant success or reliance upon superstition or miracles.

I will be using the material on a daily basis.


John Carter

Lancaster, PA



Start Getting What You Want Virtually OVERNIGHT -
Or It's Free!

Your satisfaction is assured through my no-risk, 100% no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. You can't lose when purchasing "How To Create Your Own Reality" with my risk-free guarantee:


"If you're not satisfied for ANY reason,
I'll buy it back from you on the spot."


The Quickest Easiest Way I Know
To Make A Difference In Your Life -

You already know almost everything you need to start getting exactly what you want. My program takes your life experiences and leverages them so a slight shift in your present actions produces a massive change in your reality.

If you're sick and tired of seeing others get what they want, while you continue to struggle, then here's your chance to change things. Trying harder isn't going to cut it!

You've paid your dues. You've earned the right to let things fall into place.

I've written down every single step you need to take to make your life run smoother with less hassles and less problems. Get more done with greater ease. Attract what you want as easily as you now attract what you don't want. Take control of your life. Stop being a victim. Create a better environment for you and those you love.

You won't find this priceless information packaged together anywhere else. I've helped hundreds of people and I can help you too.

I lay it all out. You don't need to spend years searching for the exact steps of how to create your own reality. Everything you need to know is right here.

Remember, you don't have to decide right now. Take it out on a test drive for a full eight weeks - risk free.

If it doesn't change your life starting today -- then I don't want your money... I'll give it all back.

To find out if this is right for you, click here. It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 am.


Mark Ivar Myhre
The Emotional Healing Wizard

P.S. - One thing I've noticed about successful people - they all have one ingredient in common. A particular technique they use to jump ahead of the pack. Please turn to page 39 of the manual to put this technique to use RIGHT NOW.

Remember, in addition to the proven, practical, easy-to-follow comprehensive program on how to create your reality the way YOU want - you also get the two bonus audio files absolutely FREE -

1. How to flip around any limiting belief into one that supports you.

2. The exciting "Change-Maker Technique" to attract ANYTHING you want.

I've got a few more audio files up my sleeve also. Once I get them recorded and uploaded, then I'll probably be raising the price of the program. But if you order today, I'll make them available to you as soon as they're ready at no extra cost.

Order today and save.

I'm very proud of how I'm helping people create their own reality. But the only way you'll know how much it'll help you is to give it a try. I spell out everything you must do. Step by step.

You CAN do this. I know it. With my ironclad guarantee - either it helps you - starting today - or you get all your money back.

If you're wondering if this is right for you, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • How's my life going now?

  • Is it likely to get better or worse?

  • Do I already know how to create my reality? Am I doing it - consciously?

  • What's the worse that can happen if I order Mark's program?

  • What have I got to lose? If it doesn't work, I'll just get my money back!

  • But how would my life change if it DID work?!

To find out if this is right for you, click here.

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